How to Prepare for the Passing of Your Pet

Losing a pet can be difficult, but taking steps to prepare for it can alleviate some of the emotional burden. Below are four methods to assist in preparing for and coping with the eventual passing of your pet. 

#1: Assess your pet’s quality of life

As animals cannot communicate when they are unwell, it is important to look out for signs of poor mental and physical health in them. One can assess the health and happiness of their elderly pets or those with long-term medical issues, by using a quality of life scale. This scale helps in an objective evaluation of your pet’s health and can assist in understanding if they are experiencing any discomfort.


#2: Decide when to schedule your pet’s euthanasia

Losing a pet suddenly can alleviate the tough decision of choosing euthanasia. However, it may also lead you to wonder if you overlooked signs of their illness. On the other hand, deciding when it’s time for euthanasia is always a challenging decision. It’s essential to keep in mind that few pets pass away naturally and painlessly, so euthanasia can be seen as a final act of kindness to end their suffering.


#3: Discuss how to care for your pet’s body

If your beloved pet passes away, you may not know how to handle their after-care properly. However, if you have an idea that their life is about to end, you can plan in advance and decide what to do with their body to reduce your stress. Many people are choosing cremation and requesting the ashes. Another option that is slowly becoming popular is aquamation, but it may not be accessible everywhere.


#4: Rely on grief support groups to process your pet’s death

During your grieving process, it is helpful to seek support not only from family and friends but also from pet loss support groups. Consider utilizing the pet loss support hotlines provided by veterinary universities, and explore the various pet bereavement groups found on social media that may be able to offer support specific to your situation. Remember that you do not have to go through the grief journey alone.

If you notice your pet’s health or happiness diminishing, reach out to our team for assistance in evaluating their quality of life and preparing for their eventual passing.